Missing Parts Form

  • Supply of lost parts is valid for 3 years from the year of manufacture and is limited to stocks. In case of failure to supply parts, you will be informed by e-mail.
  • The average preparation time of your parts is 15 days. Delivery times vary according to your shipment type (PTT / Cargo).
  • The visual / coordinate / product code information must be correctly transmitted in order to meet your request.

General Information

Puzzle Information

Explanation: The picture code is written on the side of the puzzle box under the picture with 5 digits (Example: 11587)
Açıklama : Kutu üzerinde yazan üretim tarihini yazınız.
Explanation: Help identify missing pieces correctly by specifying the number of puzzle pieces (Example: 1000 puzzle)
Explanation: Add your coordinates to the columns that will be opened up to the number of missing parts.

Parts Coordinates

Specify the coordinates of your missing part as "left to right" and "top to bottom"

Missing Parts Pictures

Important Note: We need a clear and full-sized photo of your puzzle in order to reach your missing piece you requested. Each uploaded image must not exceed the 2 MB limit! Otherwise the form may fail

All fields on the form are necessary.

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