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Foundedin 1989 as a family business since then KS Games has been active in the fieldof jigsaw puzzles, game tools, preschool games, toys and board games. KS Games,which is the leading company in our country especially in terms of puzzleproduction, serves in EU quality with totally domestic capital from 2 pieces to4000 pieces in more than 350 models in 7000 m2 closed area with 75 employeesengaged in production with full automation processes KS Games, as well as the entirechain of discount stores and wholesalers are working with all of Turkey ingeneral, exports a significant portion of its production to the countries suchas USA, Italy, Israel, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Greece, Czech Republic, Jordan,Germany, Romania, Spain and Iraq. KS Games, which continues to work inaccordance with Sedex and CE norms with test reports obtained frominternationally accredited companies under the management of Mr. Onur YildirimKS Games also provides competent service in special projects with quality,customer satisfaction and result-oriented business plans. Also our company has been certified for FSC®. (Our licence code: FSC® C133848



Pioneer in the game and toy industry,a great sample with it’s service and first choice of the customer as amanufacturer company to build a success that will last forever. Always as anew, best quality and reliable company to the world and provide lead time at shortesttime and with the very best conditions.



KS Games continuesto progress with the experienced staff and stable growth strategy aiming todevelop and grow in the game and toy sector, where innovation is emerging dayby day. With the principle of unconditional quality, KS Games has alwaysadopted quality as a task. conscious of this duty, KS Games is working tobecome a bigger, improving to have a better quality, more diverse and better companyin the next years. KS Games does not compromise the principle of environmentalawareness while fulfilling this duty, arranges all production proceduresaccordingly and guarantees this principle with all necessary certificates.

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