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Speedy Tuesday - Speedmaster GTG Munich Event ReportOn October 28th we held a Speedmaster Get-Together during Munich. We invited you, our readers, a few weeks ago and that we received 1000s of registrations. We might 'only' invite about 40 people, for security and logistical reasons. Such as the worry, as well as doing more of these in the future.Speedmaster GTG MunichWhy Munich? Well, the opposite event during that weekend was MunichTime, therefore we guessed it is interesting for people to visit that demonstrate to and are available to the Speedmaster GTG at the same time. A passionate watch weekend, you can say. Also, many of our (Speedy Tuesday) visitors from German (Germany is #3 inside the number of our reader's origin, north america being #1 and also the UK being #2). Therefore i guess those countries are up next.This MIR Space Station was on the list of amazing props present in the Speedmaster GTG Munich.Besides some familiar faces, we met a number of new people and lastly met with normal folks whom we've only 'know' from e-mail, Instagram and comments. It had been quite a nice mix, between people who brought some of the rarest Speedmasters on the table and persons who just bought their first modern Speedmaster watch.Very happy to notice that there was 10 Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday replica watches at the same time, two gold Omega Speedmaster Professional replica watches, a number of original Racing replica watches, some beautiful other vintage models (CK2998's, 145 breitling replica swiss .012s, Alaska IV LCDs etc.) as well as the new Speedmaster 60th anniversary models. In total, about 60 replica watches were brought in from the guests, excluding those who Omega brought from your museum. A reasonably serious line-up.Missions CaseOmega gave us their full support with this Speedmaster GTG, so thank you very much to Omega Germany and Omega HQ to make this happen. We requested several replica watches from them to bring for this Speedmaster GTG Munich event. Watches which aren't very well-known or noticed in public, no less than. The Missions Case was on top of my list, because i have seen it myself not too long ago of my Speedmaster collecting and it made everlasting impression. Then, I first viewed it all over again in a trip to NASA in Houston. They on the list of Mission Cases on show there, or otherwise the replica watches which go inside it.22 Speedmasters with mission patches for the 9 o'clock sub dial, 1 Speedmaster '57 Re-edition, a loupe and also a spare caliber 1861 movement. The Missions Case starts back to 1997, when Omega started use that 1861 movement. The Speedmaster Apollo XIII has also been in this case, and was already a finite edition model in 1995 (999 pieces). With the Missions Case, Omega managed to get once again, using the newer type bracelet. The total number of Mission Cases which are made (and sold) is 40. Omega made two batches of five more Mission Cases (so 50 in total) for non-commercial purposes. Omega only rarely brings the Mission Case to public events, thus it is at least something distinct from the most common suspects.1969 Racing and Alaska IIAlso, they brought a X-33 Prototype from 1996 along with the newest X-33, and a gold Speedmaster Professional 'Panda' with the Japan market (1997). Also, Omega brought the main Speedmaster Racing from 1969. As a final point, Omega brought the Alaska II Prototype from 1970 using the white dial and high/thick bezel.Then, certainly, there is many new (current) models just like the Dark Side on the Moon and also the new Master Chronometer Moon Phase and Caliber 9900/9901 Racing models. As well as the enthusiasts, the Mission Case plus the original Racing from 1969 were hot items.Speedmaster Alaska II Prototype 1970Speedmaster GTG Munich Wrist ShotsExcept for the small introduction talk along with the viewing of Omega's Museum pieces, this course was that there was no program, but that guests could only need a relaxed time, enjoying some collector's talk and look at the Speedmasters that everyone exposed to the Speedmaster GTG Munich event. It's this watch that bonds countless enthusiasts, join the Speedy Tuesday movement each and every Tuesday (some every day  of the week) best tag heuer replica watches . As written and said before, Speedy Tuesday is just not regarding the watch, or perhaps the hashtag, watches it is about town of Speedmaster enthusiasts and also the love & love of this spectacular chronograph. So let's have a look at some of the wrists of the guests of these day. Pleased to identify that a number of ladies also joined this special day in Munich, whereby traders came 'double wristed'. The crowd - and now we too - enjoyed it very much. Here are some from the comments we received:"I love to we appreciate you our invitation as well as the great event - I enjoyed every minute.""Thanks a lot to have me. It was a real pleasure (and honor) meeting everyone (especially seeing that I blame everyone for those cash I've got happily used on Speedies -> I will elaborate).""Thx for organizing this excellent event and want to setup an interview all soon again!""Thanks for organizing an excellent GTG in Munich. This gathering gave to possiblity to meet enthusiasts that I/we already knew and above all we still having many new faces and corresponding Speedmaster stories in the memory.""I think it certainly is a fantastic chance to know other people to share with you a similar passion with. Desire to join in on and also this sometime soon.""I must thanks for this invitation again plus the great and kind hospitallity in Munich! I actually enjoyed the couple of passionate Guys an Girls along with to know and meet those watch-nerds and class collectors in a room - Moonwatch craziness"The proven fact that merely a limited number of men and women should participate supplies the chance to really get into experience of another participants and make personal relationships. I must say i feel as if being „part of the family"".We can only recommend you to enroll in the subsequent Speedmaster GTG event we will be organizing. That it was a wonderful day in Munich and Omega gave great support. We shall send an invite to people who registered in the past and didn't make it through together with individuals who are on the email list (subscribe therefore you won't miss something!). We've got some pretty cool plans for 2018, and then we hope to see you then!Please find below more impressions in the Speedmaster GTG Munich event.